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Navigating through the overview tab
Navigating through the overview tab

Navigating through the overview tab

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Just starting your day, or have to give a quick update to a tenant or prospect. The overview tab will allow you to get caught up quickly on open service requests, pending prospect applications and a quick view of your tenants and properties.

Recent rental applications allow viewing the status of applications that are pending. You can also click on any applicants to view their application details. Or click on the box itself to be taken to the prospect tab.

The service request box shows you all of your open requests and the unit it is attached to. You can click on any of the requests and have all the details and status of the request. If you click on the arrow, it will take you to the service request page.

The recent documents box gives you a quick look at all the documents that have been uploaded. You can open all of the documents, click on the arrow and go directly to the Documents Tab.

Finally, you will have noticed you have a quick snapshot of your prospects, tenants, units, and properties. This a great tool to track if you have enough prospects for your vacant properties and units. Also, if you click on any of the boxes, it will direct you straight to the tab of the box you clicked on.

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