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Add properties and units
Add properties and units

Easily add properties, then units -- and see how they're at the core of your DoorSpot account data.

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Adding property and units is an important step to leverage all that DoorSpot offers. Properties and units can be a hub for documents, images, tenants, notes, service requests, etc.

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On the portfolio tab, select Add a Property.

Click on the new property. A side drawer will open. Choose if it's a single-family, multi-family, or storage unit. Go ahead and name it. Then, add the number of units. (We'll help you auto-name "Unit 1, Unit 2, etc" if you have more than 5 units.)

Next, enter the address of the units. You may have to click off the map for the addresses to be found.

Enter the amount for rent and deposit. Enter any details for the unit.

Click Update when finished.

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