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Create Inspection Requests and Manage the Workflow
Create Inspection Requests and Manage the Workflow

Use our all-in-one service center to create inspections, assign them, and get them done!

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Tenants moving in and out -- we understand how challenging and time-consuming it can be to get inspections done. Whether you use several software solutions to complete inspections, or even a paper checklist that is manually entered into your database, DoorSpot has a simpler solution. Everything for inspections is in one portal. No more double work.

On the Service Center tab, click the New Inspection button. A side drawer will open. Choose the property and the unit. Select when you want the inspection to be completed, and add any notes for scheduling.

Click continue, and select, remove, or re-order the zones that need inspection on this property.

Tip: use our Inspection Templates to make this process really fast!

On the Inspection Detail page, you can delete the inspection, or assign it to a teammate or vendor. You can also edit and add additional comments.

To assign an inspection: Click on Assign this task, and the side drawer opens. Now select one of your vendors or a maintenance team member. Just click Assign, and you're all set.

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