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Setting your company settings
Setting your company settings

Setting your company settings

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Now that you have added your properties, you probably want to start invoicing tenants, create listings to fill vacancies, or wish to run background checks for your applicants. The Settings Tab is where you will set up your company for success.

The first tab you will see is your company profile. You can:

  • Edit your Company name

  • Enter your EIN

  • Add a company logo

  • Add your company address( DoorSpot Tip - Background Checks and Credit Checks require a company address)

On the Team tab, you can:

  • Add new team members

  • Edit & Delete current team members

  • Resend & Delete the invitation

On the External Accounts, you can:

The subscription billing tab is where you will add your payment method for your subscription:

In the Rent tab, you can:

  • Set your late fees process

  • Rent Defaults for new leases

  • Billing Cycle

In the Listings settings tab, you can:

  • Enter and edit your contact information. So when your applicants know when and how to get ahold of you

How to create a Listing?

Finally, on the Prospect and Application Settings, you can:

  • You can enable credit checks & background checks

  • enable E-Signature

  • Create an application form that fits your requirements

How to create an application?

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